The Dutch Island Swimming Pool and recreational amenities within the ‘pool area’ include main pool, kiddie pool, covered patio area. This area is restricted for the use of Dutch Island residents and their guests or visitors.

For residents wishing to rent the pool for private parties there is a rental form, which you can click here to access (this requires a resident login).

The following guidelines have been established for general pool use under our current policies.

  1. The Dutch Island Homeowners Swimming Pool are restricted for the use of Dutch Island residents in good standing and their guests. These amenities of the Association are not for rent or lease to non-residents. In order to provide a safe environment for all residents and their guests, the following policy have been established.
  2. The pool will be staffed with certified lifeguards.
  3. Resident parties utilizing the pool, both during regular hours and scheduled outside regular hours must be staffed by a certified lifeguard.
  4. There will be no restrictions on number of guests that may accompany a resident when guests are staying with a resident at their home. In town guests will be restricted to no more than 7 in per day per family.
  5. Children 12 and under are to be accompanied by a parent or accompanying adult.
  6. Children 12 and under may be required to swim 25-yard Lifeguard supervised swim test prior to utilizing the deep end.
  7. When only one lifeguard is on duty or when two lifeguards on duty have been unable to take a break, he/she will call a 5-minute break on the hour. All children under 18 will vacate the pool while adults 18 and over may continue to swim.
  8. The pool has a male and female restroom. Each contains showers, electrical outlets and toilets. Lockers are not provided; hence, personal items are the responsibility of the individual and the Association is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please use gender-appropriate lock rooms with school age children.
  9. The Association reserves the right to close the pool for mechanical breakdowns or for safety reasons. 
  10. The pool may be closed by the attending lifeguard or the Association for inclement weather, chemical imbalance or when the number of swimmers exceeds the ability of the lifeguard(s) to properly protect those swimming.
  11. If the pool closes during a private use of the pool for reasons beyond the control of the lifeguard or the Association, no refund will be given for that event. You can reschedule at no additional cost to the next available date.
  12. The pool pavilion is available for private rental with approval of the Association. Fees will vary according to user requests. Refer to Pool Pavilion Rental Application for particulars on fees and party rules. 
  13. Bathers are not permitted to enter the pool or within the fenced pool area unless a lifeguard is present
  14. No food, drink, bottles or wrappers shall be permitted in the immediate area (3 feet) of the pool. No glassware in entire patio deck area, applies to after hour and non-swimming activities.
  15. Bathers must shower before entering the pool.
  16. Persons having an infectious or communicable disease are excluded from the pool. Persons with open blisters or cuts shall be warned of infection and will not use the pool. 
  17. Lifeguards will utilize whistles to command the attention of the entire pool area. All inside the fence area will stop and listen to their instructions upon hearing a whistle sound.
  18. No running, boisterous behavior or rough play, except for supervised water sports, will be permitted in the pool and its surrounding area, including the restroom. 
  19. Spitting, spouting of water, blowing the nose, etc. in swimming pool is strictly prohibited. 
  20. Unattended solo bathing is prohibited.
  21. Guests and their actions are the responsibility of the resident
  22. Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers, no disposable diapers allowed.
  23. No diving
  24. Swimsuit, of appropriate nature, are required to enter the pool
  25. No smoking, tobacco use or vaping within the pool area at any time
  26. No profanity
  27. Pool users, especially children, should exercise caution going to and leaving the pool area.
  28. The above rules are for  resident and guest health and safety. Please respect those who enforce them.  For the safety of all patrons and guests of the pool, those found in violation of any rule(s) will be subject to the following:  First offense: verbal warning. Second offense: violator will be asked to sit out of the pool for 30 minutes. Third offense: violator will be asked to leave and not return for the remainder of the day. 
  29. Lifeguards and pool management maintain sole authority and decisions cannot be overturned by another including parents/guardians.  Lifeguards will report incidents to the HOA

Under Georgia law, there is no liability for an injury or death of an individual entering these premises if such injury or death results from the inherent risks of contracting COVID-19. You are assuming this risk by entering the pool common area.