Vehicles and Parking 

  1. No vehicle of any type may be parked on the street overnight. 
  2. Automobiles vehicle shall be parked on the designated parking area  on each residential lot. 
  3. Recreational vehicles are allowed entry for loading and unloading for  a period not to exceed 24 hours. Recreational vehicles shall be parked  only in areas of the residential lot which are not visible from the street;  provided however, such recreational vehicle may not be parked for  more than 8 days each calendar year and not to exceed 48 hours per  instance. The term recreational vehicles as used herein, shall include,  without limitation, motor homes, mobile homes, campers, and buses. The Board reserves the right to extend access based on exceptional  circumstances. 
  4. Watercraft, including boats not exceeding 27 feet in length may be  stored on the premises of any residential lot provided it is stored so  that the boat does not extend beyond the plane of the front exterior  of the house. In Settlers Point watercraft, including boats not exceeding 27 feet in length may be stored on the side of any residence. No  watercraft may be stored in the front of any residence in any portion of  Dutch Island.