Property Maintenance

Each owner is responsible for maintaining his property, all  structures, parking areas and other thereon in a manner consistent  with the General Covenants and Restrictions. The following supplement  and explain the General Covenants and Restrictions: 

  1. Every property must be kept in good repair and the yards of all  residences should be properly maintained. The Homeowners  Association reserves the right to care for vacant and unimproved and  unkempt lots or areas, to remove and destroy tall grass, undergrowth,  weeds and rubbish therefrom and any unsightly and undesirable thing  therefrom, and perform any labor necessary, or desirable, in the  judgment of the Board, to maintain the property neatly and in good  order and the cost of such maintenance will be charged against the  owner of said lot, lots, or areas. This reservation shall not constitute an  obligation on the part of the Association to perform any of the acts  mentioned above. 
  2. No exterior alterations may be made unless and until plans and  specifications are submitted to and approved by the ARC. 
  3. Property owners are responsible for the proper removal and  replacement of all dead trees and shrubbery. 
  4. Exterior clotheslines are prohibited. 
  5. All garbage cans, firewood and similar items shall be located and screened so as to be concealed from view of neighboring properties,  dwellings, streets and common areas. All rubbish, trash and garbage shall be regularly removed and shall not be allowed to accumulate  thereon. 
  6. Trash cans and yard rubbish shall not be placed in the streets even  on a temporary basis. Trash cans should be placed out no sooner than  the evening prior to scheduled pick up and should be placed in the  residents yard or driveway. Household rubbish shall be placed no  sooner than 24 hours prior to scheduled pick up. 
  7. ARC approval is required before any decorative item is placed upon  the front yard of any property. Prior to placing decorative objects in the  front yard, a request must be submitted to the ARC for approval.  Exterior decorative objects include items such as bird baths, birdfeeders, bridges, wagon wheels, sculptures, fountains, pools,  antennas, and freestanding flagpoles. 
  8. Signs – Erection of signs on any property, personal or common, is  restricted under the Covenants: “No advertising sign, or advertising  matter of any kind, shall be erected upon or displayed or otherwise  exposed to view on any lot or area in said subdivision without the  written consent of the Association” and the Association “may enter  upon any lot or area upon which sign or matter is erected, or displayed,  and summarily remove and destroy any such unauthorized sign or  matter.”  

    Signs which are permitted are Construction signage solely during  the time active construction is being carried out; Congratulatory signs for residents; Realtor signage during  a homeowner’s efforts to sell their property through a realtor; signs  depicting protection by a security system; and an Association approved  and provided “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) Sign when a resident sells their home through their own efforts. FSBO Signage is available, for a  nominal fee, through the Security Guard at the Island’s Entry Security  Gate.