Dock Rules

Dock Policy for Dutch Island Homeowners Association Inc.

The use of the dock is reserved for Dutch Island Homeowners  Association members in good standing and their guests. The boat ramp  is reserved for the use of registered boats of Dutch Island homeowners  only. Boats not registered with Dutch Island shall not use or dock at the  Dutch Island dock except for the temporary loading and unloading of  passengers. 

  1. No personal property of any kind can be stowed overnight on the  dock. Such items will be removed and thrown away. 
  2. All motorized boats must display two current Dutch  Island Homeowners decals. A decal shall be located on both port and  starboard sides in readily and easily seen location. Decals shall not be covered while the boat is moored at the dock. Trailers shall have decals  on the front post. Decals will only be issued to residents after proof of  ownership via registration and proof of insurance.  
  3. Dutch Island Home Owners Association Members having  membership in Freedom Boat Club or similar clubs must call Guard  House to get a 3-day paper pass to dock at the dock for longer than 30  minutes. 
  4. The “courtesy dock” is located adjacent to the ramp and is intended  for temporary loading and unloading of boats. Overnight docking or  docking for longer than one half hour at the “courtesy dock” is  prohibited.  
  5. The yellow striped mooring slot at the main dock is reserved for the  temporary loading and unloading of passengers. Docking at the  mooring slot for longer than 30 minutes is prohibited 
  6. Crab Traps left overnight will be removed. 
  7. No one under the age of 14 is permitted to be on the dock unless  accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 unless a child between the  ages of 12 and 14 possesses a valid boater education course completion  certificate from a DNR approved course. 
  8. No bicycles, skateboards, or vehicle of any kind are permitted on the  dock.  
  9. Paddles boards, floats, and kayaks are considered acceptable on the  dock for daytime use only. Overnight docking in the water is not  permitted. Unattended paddle boards, floats and kayaks shall not be  left in the water.
  10. Swimming at the dock is at your own risk. All children under the age  of 14 must be supervised by an Adult over 18 . 
  11. Dutch Island Homeowners Association Inc. assumes no  responsibility for theft, damages, vandalism, or maintenance of any  boat or trailer using the dock or boat ramp. 
  12. No fireworks of any kind are authorized on the dock, ramp or  parking lot area. 
  13. Overnight docking is permitted on a first come first served basis.  The duration of permissible overnight docking is based on the season.  
    High Season from April 1st to Sept 30th will be a maximum of 3 days of  overnight docking.  
    Low Season from Oct 1st to March 31st will be a maximum of 7 days of  overnight docking. 

    For the purpose of this rule a boat docked at 11:00 PM is considered  docked for the night. Dutch Island Homeowners Association does  not condone double mooring and assumes no liability for damage  incurred for those double moored. 
  14. In the event the above dock times are exceeded the Dutch Island  Homeowners Association Inc. will contact the owner as shown on the  decal registration explaining the rules and notifying that the boat will  be towed at owners expense the following day by 12 pm.  Simultaneously the owner will receive a letter stating this rule was  violated and further violations within the calendar year will result in the  towing of the boat with no attempt to contact the owner. All expenses for towing will be to the owner. Expected cost for such towing is  approximately $ 1000.  
  15. Any boats docked overnight without a current, valid will be towed the following day with no attempt to contact the owner. If the owner  was a guest of a resident, then the resident will be responsible for the  cost of towing. 
  16. No boat trailer may be left unattended at the dock area unless it is  attached to a vehicle properly parked at the dock area. Unattended  trailer parking will follow the notification rules as set forth in #14 above. No vehicle with a trailer attached may be left unattended  overnight at the dock area; provided however, late night parking after 11:00 pm is permitted if the Guard House is notified of intent to park  after 11:00 pm and the trailer decal number is provided.  
  17. Overflow parking of vehicles with trailers attached is permitted in  the area next to the pool subject to these same rules.