Noxious, destructive, offensive or unsanitary activity shall not be  carried on or upon the premises. No owner or resident or occupant  may use or allow the use of their property or any portion of the  community at any time, in any way, which may endanger the health or  property of other occupants, residents or guests, unreasonably annoy,  disturb or cause discomfort to any resident or their guests or do any act  which in the Board’s discretion, constitutes a nuisance. The intention of  this provision is to grant the Board of Directors, on behalf of the Dutch  Island Homeowners Association, the right of redress for actions,  activities or conduct which unreasonably disturbs or impairs the  peaceful safe enjoyment of the community. In this regard, specific  unauthorized unreasonable annoyances or disturbances shall include,  but not limited to, the following: 

  1. Any fighting, screaming, shouting, excessively loud playing music,  raucous behavior either inside or outside at any time if such conduct  can be heard during normal course of activities by any other residents. 
  2. Any threatening or intimidating conduct towards any resident, guest  or pet. 
  3. Any conduct, which in the Board’s reasonable discretion, creates any  danger or risk of injury or damage to property or creates any threat to  health or safety. Any non-resident committing one of the acts as set forth above who  has gained entry into Dutch Island through any type of pass shall  immediately have such pass revoked and may be subject to immediate  eviction and removal from Dutch Island. 
  4. Residences may be leased for residential purposes only. Residences  may only be leased in their entirety, i.e., partial leases or the leasing of  certain rooms within a Residence is strictly prohibited. All leases shall  have a minimum term of nine (9) months. “Short Term” and “Vacation  Rentals” are strictly prohibited. A copy of all leases, together with  contact information for each Occupant, including phone number and e-mail address, shall be given to the Board of Directors by the Owner of  the Residence within thirty (30) days of entering into a lease. All leases  shall require that the lessee acknowledge receipt of a copy of the  Declaration, Bylaws and rules and regulations of the Association and  shall also obligate the lessee to comply with these documents. Any  violation of the Declaration, Bylaws, or rules and regulations adopted  pursuant thereto by the lessee, any Occupant, or any person living with  the lessee, is deemed to be a default under the terms of the lease and  authorizes the Owner to terminate the lease without liability and to  evict the lessee in accordance with Georgia law. The Owner hereby  delegates and assigns to the Association, acting through the Board, the  power and authority of enforcement against the lessee for breaches  resulting from the violation of the Declaration, Bylaws, and the rules  and regulations adopted pursuant thereto, including the power and  authority to evict the lessee as attorney-in-fact on behalf and for the  benefit of the Owner, in accordance with the terms hereof.