Resident Information

On behalf of Dutch Island Homeowners Association we would like to officially welcome you to the com- munity! Dutch Island is a premier waterfront residential community consisting of approximately 500 homes on over 500+ acres. Amenities include 24 hour gated security entrance, a 450 foot dock and boat launch, a pool and kiddie pool, tennis courts, playground, basketball court, and an athletic field. All our amenities are all included in one annual HOA fee which is due each February.The community also manag- es our numerous lagoons and common areas for our resident’s enjoyment.

The HOA is a volunteer board of residents who work together with committee members to encourage participation in the active management of the island for its safety, financial solvency, enforcement of the covenants, maintenance of the common areas and facilities and community events. We would encourage you to join our efforts and seek ways to participate with the HOA board.

Once again, we look forward to having you as our neighbor and we wish to welcome you home!


Dutch Island HOA Board of Directors

Board Of Directors

Ben Perkins
Paul Painter
Gary Alan
Chad Barrow
Roads and Drainage
Jason Pierce
ARC, Dock
Susan Dailey
Vice President, Pool, Landscape
Tania Groover
James Garrett
Security / Technology
Sarah Hunt

Contact Information

Dutch Island operates under the assistance of a management company, who ensures the board’s vision is carried out. For contacting Longshore or the board, the ticketing system is the best way to get a fast response. The ticket system allows routing between board members, resident volunteers, and the management company depending on who can best assist you.

Dutch Island HOA

P.O. Box 9479
Savannah, GA 31412

Contact Link

Longshore Solutions (Association Management)

P.O. Box 30516
Savannah, GA 31410

Contact Link

Annual Dues

Invoices for annual dues will be sent out in January to all homeowners. Annual dues are $1400 and payments can be made online here with a credit card processing convenience fee, or mailed to:

Dutch Island HOA
P.O. Box 9479
Savannah, GA 31412

Gate Fees

Dutch Island, like many gated communities charges fees for commercial vehicles entering the island. Fees are as follows


Contractor rules can be found here, but generally speaking the contractor will pay a $20 per day per vehicle fee, or they can purchase an annual pass at the gate. Residents can purchase a commercial day pass here for their contractor here to avoid any delays at the gate, or allow the contractor to pay it, depending on your agreement with your contractor.

Utility Providers

Georgia Power – Electricity

City Of Savannah – Water


Gas is provided by Atlanta Gas, however you can choose your own servicing company.

Xfinity / Comcast – Internet, phone and cable television services

AT&T – Internet

TMobile – Internet

TMobile does not offer residential internet, however you can sign up for 5g business internet for the same price using a sole proprietorship. Dutch Island uses this service at the dock with great reception, residents further into the island will have a degraded signal.

Curbie Sanitation – Trash Collection

Waste Management – Trash Collection

Isle of Hope Volunteer Fire Department – Fire Protection


Vehicle Registration

Please click here to fill out your decal request form.. Please complete this Dutch Island Vehicle Request Form and turn it into the guard gate. Please allow 5-7 business days for the form to be processed. However, check back often, the gate attendants try to process them by the next business day. The security gate phone number is 912-352-3776

Boat Registration

Dutch Island’s boat ramp and dock rules can be found here. In order to use these amenities, boat owners must be registered and have a valid decal. Decals can be requested here. If you are new to boating in the Savannah area it is highly recommended to reach out to your neighbors for local advice, as we do have 8-10ft tidal swings as well as oyster bars and sandbars.

Golf Carts

Golf carts are frequently used on Dutch Island and heavily contribute to the island’s feel. Drivers are required by law to be 16 years or older, and licensed drivers. Allowing underage golf cart drivers can result in HOA penalties. At this time, golf cart registration is not required, however there are ongoing conversations around reinstating the requirement in the future.

Gate Sentry

This system allows residents to control their visitors and guests electronically from an app on their phone securely and without having to call the front gate. You can find both technical support information, App Store links as well as a form to gain access by clicking here.

Website Registration

We highly encourage you to register as a resident, which can be done by clicking here. This will allow you access to important information on living here on Dutch Island and allow the board to communicate via email important announcements. Allow up to one business day for registration to be verified and approved. (You will receive a confirmation email upon approval.)

On this site you will be able to access your account, pay your annual dues, view community documents, rules & regula- tions, covenants & by-laws, architectural review requests, a community calendar and more.

Social Media

We invite you to join the neighbor the Dutch Island Facebook page by clicking here.

ARC / Exterior Modifications

As with any community with an HOA, Dutch Island has an architectural review board who must review a variety of exterior changes. ARC guidelines can be found here. Most change request forms can be found here. If you are unclear if any exterior addition or change requires ARC approval we do encourage you to submit a contact request here to verify before beginning any project to avoid any confusion or issues.

Pool Access

Dutch Island’s pool is staffed with lifeguards during the summer months and all residents are welcome. For 365 day a year access, residents must submit the following form to register