Gate/Island Access

Dutch Island is a private, gated community, and entry by the  general public is prohibited. All entering vehicles must be  registered and/or identified at the gate. No entry will be allowed  to any vehicle not having a current Dutch Island Resident decal,  current Commercial Pass (daily, monthly or yearly), Frequent Visitor Pass, Guest Pass, or covered by a Pass except as set forth  below.  

1. Decals. Decals for entry onto the Dutch Island Properties:  Grimball Point, Gnann Hammock and Dutch Island, including the  residences at Horse and Marsh Hammock and 35 and 101 Waite  Drive and Settlers Point will be made available to: 

(a) Residents and property owners; (b) family members of residents and (c) commercial contractor vehicles. To obtain any of the decal types or passes outlined and  for those decals and passes to remain active, the Association must  receive an application on forms established By the Association for  the type of decal or pass applied for. All decals and passes will be  numbered and must be properly recorded as active, within the  Guard House’s “entry-control” computer, to be effective in  ‘raising the security arm’ at the Resident Entry Gate or entry  through the Guest entrance. 

A. Resident and Property Owner Bar Coded Entry Decals.  

Bar coded decals allowing access through the Residents Gate  will be issued subject to the rules set forth below. These types of  decals must be placed on the outside of the right rear passenger  window and must be “active/current”. The periods that a  particular style of decal will be active will be established by the DIHOA Board of Directors. These passes provide access through the resident entry right hand lane. 

Bar coded decals may only be issued to and used by residents of Dutch Island, their family members as herein defined, or property owners of property located on Dutch Island but who  do not reside on Dutch Island. Each resident, whether a property  owner or lease/rental occupant, will receive four decals per  household for resident relatives. Additional decals may be  purchased for $15. A resident may obtain up to four additional  bar coded decals for family members who do not reside on Dutch  Island for $15 per decal. “Family members” are defined as  parents, grandparents, and children over the age of 16. Property  owners who do not reside within the Dutch Island Development  will receive a maximum of two such decals.  

The use of the Bar coded decal is subject to compliance with  all rules and policies of the Association and may be revoked for  failure to comply with any rules of the Association. Failure to pay  Association assessments within the time set by the Board may  cause the bar coded decal to be inactivated. Upon successfully  applying for reinstatement any decal inactivated for the failure to  comply with the Association rules requires the payment of a $200 fee to reinstate.  

B. Commercial Vehicle Decals. Commercial Vehicles may  only enter the Island during the hours of 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM;  Monday through Saturday and must exit the island by 7:30 PM. No commercial work is permitted after 7 PM Monday through  Saturday and no commercial work is permitted on Sundays  without the prior approval of the Association’s Security  Committee or when an emergency at a residence (such as an  electrical or plumbing failure) occurs.

Commercial Vehicle Decals, which will be uniquely  designed, numbered and color coded will be available for sale at  the Guard House. If a new vehicle is purchased by a commercial  contractor, they must obtain a decal for that vehicle at the Guard  House. Fleet accounts that change vehicles must remove the old  decal and return it to the Guard House in order to be issued a new  decal and to register a new vehicle. All decals must be  permanently affixed to the windshield on the driver’s side.  Commercial Vehicle decals will be valid from July 1st through June  30th of each year. If a contractor sub-lets work to an other  contractor, the sub-let contractor must have a decal or pay the  daily fee. The established decal fees for commercial vehicles are  included with the Application Form packet that will be provided to  those interested commercial enterprises by a Security Officer at  the Island’s Guard House. Vehicles without decals will be charged  for a one day commercial pass at $20/day fee which may be  applied towards their decal within ten working days. One day  commercial passes are available at the Guard House and will  require a resident or active contractor’s approval. Commercial decals are available on a daily, monthly or  annual basis. Rates for commercial decals are set annually and  vary based on the number wheels of the vehicle and the length of  the pass. 

No commercial passes without Board approval on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

2. Passes 

A. Gate Sentry. This system is a mobile visitor management system designed so that residents can control their guests through an app on their phone. New residents will receive a welcome email with a link to download this app to be able to control their guests without having to call the front gate. This system is designed to work for non-resident guests. Residents can control the dates that their guests will be allowed access.  These guests must pass through security.  Commercial contractors will still need to be called in and pay for either a day, weekly or yearly pass. 

B. Frequent Visitors Pass. Residents can allow permanent status to certain frequent guests such as household employees such as housekeepers or caregivers. This request can be controlled by the Gate Sentry application. This pass cannot be used for any type of commercial entry into Dutch Island. Failure or abuse of this privilege will result in revocation of the residents gate pass and the resident will be charged for a commercial pass. These guests may be subject to identification check. 

C. Estimator Pass. A commercial vendor will not be allowed  access on a Visitor or Guest pass; unless a vendor or  contractor is providing a bona fide estimate for work to be performed in the future. An estimator pass shall not to exceed 1 hour in duration. An Estimator Pass may be issued to an estimator for a requesting resident for a  particular resident address no more than 2 times in a calendar  year. A Resident must request an Estimator Pass by calling the front gate and identify the  estimator and the Resident’s address. Abuse of this pass privilege  may subject the resident to loss of bar code access privileges and  a charge of a one year commercial decal fee. 

D. Fast Food Pass

The purpose of this policy is to explain and regulate the  admission of food delivery services to Dutch Island. This includes  both cooked food and grocery items.  Residents can purchase this food pass by visiting our website at

1) The FFP will cost $ 75/year from approval date. Submission  will be online only at the Community Website using a valid  credit card. 

2) Purchase of the FFP is purely voluntary for those who desire  food delivery services without a commercial decal entry  onto the island. 

3) One pass per address only. 

4) No sharing of the pass with other residents.  

5) Once approved the FFP holder will receive an approval email  receipt witch you should retain as proof of purchase. 

6) The FFP holder must call the Gate prior to the delivery to  verify the address for delivery. 

7) The Food delivery driver must have a valid driver license and  tell the Guard which address they are delivering to in order to gain entry. FFP holder is responsible for the accurate  communication of this address.  

8) In the event the Gate deems the delivery is not food related  they will be rejected. Multiple abuse of the Policy is grounds  for removal from the program. 

3. Miscellaneous rules. 

A. Resident Absences. If a Resident is out of town, they are  required to announce visitors staying at the home before they  leave.  

B. Parties. Residents are required to provide the guard gate  with an alphabetized guest list if a party is to be conducted which requires entry by non-residents. This list must be provided at  least 24 hours prior to the time guests will be seeking access.  Entry will be allowed for only the guests so listed.  The guest list must be provided by the adult head of  household. 

C. Tree removal and tree trimming services

   In addition to the above requirements governing  commercial decals and passes, prior to the entry of any tree  removal or tree trimming contractor there must be on file at the  guard gate approval by the ARC of tree removal or tree trimming  services at the residence address. Any resident requesting tree  removal or tree trimming services must first notify ARC at least 24  hours prior to requesting access for such tree removal or tree  trimming contractor.

D. Real estate agents and prospective buyers. 

A licensed real estate agent must give the Security Officer a  realtor’s card and indicate which property or properties they will be  showing and will accompany prospective buyers on the Island. The prospective buyer  may leave his car in the gate area and travel with the Real Estate  Agent or both cars must be given a Day Pass. The only other way a  prospective buyer can gain access to view a home/property for sale is  for property owner to call the Guard House to secure a pass for a  prospective buyer to come to their home or property. These persons  will be treated as a standard visitor for the processing of a pass.  Written, signed permission by a Dutch Island property owner is also  permissible. 

E. Open Houses. Real estate agents should notify the guard house if they are planning to hold an open house with dates and times of the open house. The gate will allow prospective buyers for this purpose without a pass. 

F. Taxi, Limousine, Rideshare Services. Entry by taxis, limousines  or similar rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft is allowed without the  necessity of purchasing a pass as long as such service identifies the residence to which it is going and the resident, who must be over 18  years of age, notifies the security guard on duty of the name of the  service and the residence address to which such service will be going.

G. Medical Personnel. No pass is required for any person providing medical care  services to any Resident including nurse’s aides, occupational and physical therapy, nurses, physicians, or hospice care. Identification is  required for entry. Residents should notify the Gate Guard in advance  of such service’s entry.