ARC Guidelines


The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Guidelines, last published on July 25, 1995 are hereby revised and restated per a vote of the Associations’ Board of Directors at there March 20, 2007 Board Meeting.  The ARC initiated the adjustments to more accurately reflect their role from a primary responsibility of managing the development of Dutch Island to one of maintaining a basically fully developed community and thereby protecting the community’s property values.  While (1) a number of ‘exemptions’ have been approved, (2) a number of residents have made modifications and renovations without obtaining ARC approval, and (3) some modifications and/or renovations are not in keeping with the previous or current “ARC Guidelines”, the Architectural Review Committee commits to enforcing these Revised Guidelines to the best of their abilities and within the enforcement capabilities that are available to the Committee and will, more effectively, keep the Island’s residents better informed regarding what is and what isn’t authorized when modifying or renovating the Dutch Island properties.




The Security Committee hereby updates and reissues these Security Guidelines for the operations regarding access control onto the properties known as the Dutch Island Development (“Dutch Island”) and related security for the residents of Dutch Island.  These procedures will be enforced by either the Security firm contracted by the Dutch Island Homeowners Association, Inc. (“Association” and DIHA) or by and through the Associations’ Board of Directors, which approved these updated guidelines at their September 13, 2011 Board Meeting.  The original guidelines were approved at the Board of Director’s June 19, 2007 Meeting.