Resident Pool Opening & Access Procedures

Opening Procedures

As a part of the pool remaining open without life guards, Dutch Island still has to follow a few legal requirements as a commercial pool. Residents need to follow specific safety steps before using it each day. The below video provides an excellent introduction to the process.

As you are learning the process, we have prepared a cheat sheet and follow it step by step your first few times.

  1. Walk over to the bar area and find the pool log book.  If someone has already tested chemicals today, you’re good!
  2. If testing has not been done, grab the Taylor test kit and walk over to the pool
  3. Verify that you can visibly see the pool drain in the deep end of the pool
  4. On the exterior wall of the building the bathrooms are on, verify that the throwable ring as well as the safety crook
  5. Now, using the test kit
    • Sample water from around elbow deep
    • Use your finger to splash out enough water to be even with the marked test line
    • Add 5 drops of R1, followed by 5 drops of R2 into the chlorine side
    • On the PH side, use 5 drops of R4
    • Put the lid on the tubes, flip twice, and evaluate the results
  6. Walk back over to the pool logbook and record your results. You only need to fill out the following columns
    • Date (goes beside the day of the week)
    • Your initials
    • Time
    • Chlorine
    • Ph
  7. On the wall, you will see an emergency phone. Pick it up and verify there is a dial tone.

** If for whatever reason the pool does not meet requirements, please call our pool management company at 912-210-8397

Pool Access

Pool access is gained by

  1. Clicking here and submitting a form.
    • Please note, even adult residents will need their own codes, we ask no sharing between spouses so security can audit the access history and match your profile photo.
  2. Dutch Island’s management company will be alerted to your request, and they will grant you an access code within a few days.
  3. When you get your code, you can now access the pool.
  4. Simply double click the screen of the access reader, click pin, then enter your pin.
    • If you forget your PIN, you can click here to view all of your support tickets and pull up the one where you were given your pin.
    • As a last resort, you may call the guard gate who can give you a one time access code. Please note that this is outside of the scope of their normal responsibilities and they will help you on a best effort basis if they are busy.
    • We do recommend using 1Password, LastPass, or similar product to securely store your pin/passwords on your mobile device. This will ensure we do not overwhelm the guard gate with lost PIN requests.