Common Property Use Guidelines

The common amenities of Dutch Island include the dock, boat ramp,  swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball court, recreation area at the  swimming pool, certain lagoons and ponds and the roadways. Each  area or location has specific rules and regulations for its use. 

General Provisions 

  1. Vandalism is prohibited. Vandals will be prosecuted. 
  2. All owners, residents, and guests must comply with the rules and  regulations of Dutch Island Homeowners Association. 
  3. Reserved use of common property may only be by a written request  by the party wishing to use the property with approval of such requests  by the property manager and/ or the Board of Directors. 
  4. There shall be no obstruction of the common areas, nor shall  anything be kept, parked or stored or removed from any part of the  common areas without the prior written consent of the Board or in  accordance with the rules pertaining thereto. 
  5. No motorized boats shall be placed on or operated on any of the  lagoons, ponds or any other body of water within Dutch Island.
  6. The use of firearms on the common area or within Dutch Island is  strictly prohibited. The term firearm includes BB guns, pellet guns and  other firearms of all types, regardless of size. 
  7. The display of fireworks from the common area is strictly prohibited  except for organized displays approved by the Board. For purposes of  this provision, fireworks shall include those fireworks as defined by  OCGA 25-10-1, as amended.