Unpaid Commercial Blue Passes

Invoicing and Collections Process

Entering Unpaid Commercial Passes

Video of Process

  1. Log into https://dutchisland.net/wp-admin/
  2. On left navigation, click WooCommerce —> Orders
  3. Click “Add Order”
  4. Select Customer name
    1. If customer is not registered, enter spouse.
    2. If no one in household is registered, forward all information to [email protected]
  5. Click Add Items —>Add product(s)
    1. Enter “Daily Contractor Fee (#2111)” and quantity
  6. Add note
    1. Include Contractor name and Pass #
    2. Change “Private note” to “Note to Customer” and click “Add”
  7. Order Actions
    1. Change “Choose an action…” to “Email invoice / order details” and click “Create”.

How To Manage Payments

This only applies to money received on invoices entered into WooCommerce

  1. Online Payments
    1. No action needed
    2. Automatically recorded in WooCommerce
  2. Cash / Check Payments at the Gate
    1. Write customer name, pass #, amount paid on receipt; attach to cash / check.
    2. Keep cash / checks separate from other gate money collected.