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Private pool parties are not permitted on opening weekend or holidays/holiday weekends.  Pool reservations will not be granted to residents not in good standing.


  • The desired Pool Party date must be reserved prior to the event.  Please contact Joyce Bustinduy at [email protected] to request a date and time.  If available, your date will be held for two weeks and within that time the deposit must be received. 
  • Residents must register their pool party with Coastal Pool Management (CPM) via: https://www.coastal-pmg.com/pool-parties   CPM will bill you directly for lifeguard services.
  • Your party is not considered reserved until the deposit, fee and application is received. All items must be received no less than two weeks prior to the event.
  • There is a 4-hour time limit for parties which includes use of pavilion, set up and clean up.
  • You are responsible for post event clean-up.  A $250.00 cleaning and damage deposit will be collected, in the form of a separate check, in advance.  The check will be returned if the attendant on duty confirms that there is no damage and the required clean up complete.  The homeowner should notify the attendant that the event is complete in order that they may complete their check off.
  • You must provide the guardhouse with a guest list at least 24 hours prior to the event.
  • No glass is allowed at the pool.
  • Absolutely No underage drinking. Party will end and police will be called.
  • An additional $30 fee is required for the use of water slide bounce house.
  • Bounce houses are permitted but are required to be removed from the property within four hours of the completion of the event. Failure to do so may incur a $50 penalty to the homeowner if not discussed prior to the event.
  • Upon approval, the homeowner will receive a signed copy of the approved request and the clean-up checklist for reference.

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Party Size

Up to 25 People, 26-50 People

Will There Be A Bounce House?

Yes, No

Will Water Be Needed For Any Slides?

Yes, No

After Hours Lifeguard Use

1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours